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A revealing new documentary about rodeo's most influential bucking horse bloodline.

Feek’s Vision, is the inspired production of filmmaker and photographer Ken Howie (Special Cowboy Moments, Hardship to Freedom). In the 1930s, C.E. “Feek” Tooke foresaw the end to the availability of renegade horses as rodeo stock and envisioned a program for breeding horses with a strong propensity to buck. Recognizing the significance of Feek’s story, Howie was compelled to create a film that would capture this important rodeo history to be enjoyed by generations of rodeo fans and horse lovers, as well as students of genetics. 

the film
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The facts
The mission
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This film would not be possible without the generosity of those who share our belief that this documentation of rodeo history is vitally important.

Through sponsor support, we can give this film the attention

such an important historic record deserves. With its high level of detail and exquisite production values, this film is destined to have a widespread and long lasting impact on the understanding and appreciation of the sport of rodeo. We invite you to join a roster of rodeo luminaries who have already gotten behind the success of this landmark documentary.

The audience for Feek’s Vision is immense, with rodeo fans

in the United States alone estimated at over 43 million. Already slated for national television airing, theater screenings, rodeos, cowboy and rodeo Hall of Fame presentations and film festivals through 2020, Feek’s Vision offers outstanding visibility for national and regional sponsors.

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Rodeo champions such as Larry Mahan, Deb Copenhaver, Clint Johnson, Dan Mortenson, and Ty Murray share stories and historical details about the Tooke Bucking Horses and their profound impact on the sport of rodeo. Legendary stock contractors Harry Vold, Cotton Rosser and Mel Potter (Rodeo, Inc.), Matt Burch (Burch Rodeo), Sparky Dreesen (J Bar J) and Powder River Rodeo’s Franzen family share their testaments to Tooke bred horses, many still winning titles today. Traveling thousands of miles to capture original footage, Howie brings revered rodeo legends to the screen, sharing memories of their matches against Tooke bred horses in the arena.

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